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Plot for sale in Colonia, Almonte, Huelva.
Sale of forest farm of 4 ha with 209 m2, with approved project, with deeds, located in the area: La Colonia. 2 gates of access on faces other than the farm; A beautiful and typical view of the place; A mass of wonderful pines, of which 2,000 were already cut to leave the farm better, and having the possibility of removing more by asking for the relevant permits; A natural raft of sand type albero to make the floor waterproof. There is a passage of water, marked with a border of fat logs, and covered with stones for drainage; You can see in the photographs, the flat area without pine trees where the construction was to be done, that is why you can see the pillars of logs, which are obviously no longer in use, since they have been placed for 5 years and are currently useless; You can also see in the photos the septic tank, close to the supposed future construction, made with a deposit of 2,000 Liters, holed for the release of liquids. It has no construction currently, to develop it, the definition would be FOREST NAVE, due to the magnitude of the farm. License permission granted to build 430 m2. It is all visa and signed by the City Council, to start overnight; There is a possibility that this construction will become what is defined as nursery housing, and it would be a construction of 150 m2, as long as these 4 ha, are increased to 6 ha. The possibility can exist, since one of the neighbors sells 3 ha, for a price of 55.000 euros. There is also a covered chicken coop whose use is a putdero, and the chicken coop in the air, as a corral; A watering hole; The farm is whole fenced by faces with pencas and high ground loins and on others by sticks with wires; It has no well; But it can be done with the relevant permissions; You can see in the photos, that there are some of the farm of the neighbor, in case of interest for the purchase of this and the photo of the well, for you to see, that to the fifth ring is the water; One of the faces of the estate is owned by the state and the other borders with neighbors in property; The path seen in the photographs, is private between 2 neighbors; Access to the farm is through a regional road, perpendicular to the main one that goes towards the Rocío. From the road to the farm there are exactly 2 kms. The access point is for the Matanza, by Coto Rey. REAL ESTATE INTERMEDIATION FEES, NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE SALE PURCHASE

Colonia, Almonte, Huelva

Plot for sale
60.000€ 70.000€ (£ 54.054 app.) (15.000€/Ha )

La Sierra, Palma del Condado (La), Huelva

Plot for sale
368.000€ (£ 331.531 app.) (4.000€/Ha )

Aznalcazar, Aljarafe, Sevilla

Plot for sale
600.000€ (£ 540.540 app.) (8.979,34€/Ha )

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