Duplex for rent in El Rocio, Almonte, Huelva [Ref.298166]

El Rocío, Almonte, Huelva

Duplex for rent
Duplex in El Rocío, Almonte, Huelva.
Ref. CCO-298166
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600€ (£ 540 app.) (6€/m²)

Duplex apartment for rent in Plaza de Doñana with 12 beds

Rent of duplex apartment in the Plaza de Doñana with 100 m2 built, and with capacity of 12 beds;( 6 bunk beds)
The access to the house, through 2 steps of stairs located externally (on the street), and then, a climb to the first floor, where the total space of the duplex house is contemplated;
In the photographs you can see how the construction system is duplex.
On this first floor, we find the living room, as a diaphanous space attached to the open kitchen, this one with gas stove, refrigerator, washing machine and microwave;
An access door to a courtyard;
On this floor, you can see, that along the corridor, after the living room, are distributed:
1 outdoor toilet with shower plate;
1 bedroom with 2 bunk beds, with ventilation to the patio;
1 interior bathroom with bathtub;
And at the end of the corridor, another room with 2 bunk beds, which ventilate to the patio of the front house;
As you can see in the photographs, from the living room, there are spiral stairs, which lead to the duplex, or second floor;
On that second floor, there is a large space, where there are 3 bunk beds; Sloping ceilings; and a seating area so you don't have to go down to the first floor;
Deposit in all cases: they will be € 200.
It is rented at Christmas.
It is rented for weekends. etc....
Rent for 10 people from March to May included, that is, 3 months: € 1,000, water and electricity supplies separately.
Rent in the pilgrimage of El Rocío: € 4,485 Rented for the years 2022 and 2023)
Rent from June 1 to August 15, that is, 2 and a half months for 3 people: € 2,070
Rent from June 15 to July 15, 4 people: € 747.50 + water and electricity.
Rent weekends in June: 230€
Rent for the month of July: € 747.50 + water and electricity.
Rent last week of July until August 15, that is, 3 weeks, € 747.50 + electricity and water apart.
Rent ending week of July from July 28, until August 8 about 10 days, for 4 people: € 632.50 with electricity and water included.
Rent for the month of August: € 747.50 + water and electricity.
Weekends in August: 345€ electricity and water included.
Rent one week from August 9 to August 16: € 402.50 water and electricity included.
Weekend rental of all Los Santos November 1, 3 nights: 396,75€ is for 12 people.
Rent from November 20 to December 15 (includes bridge of the Immaculate): 805€
Rent only the bridge of the Immaculate: 575€
Full month rent of December in: 920€.
Rent from December 30 to January 2: 520€
Rented for the days of The Rocío of 2022 and 2023
Reference: 298166,  Size: 100m²,  Bedrooms: 3,  Bathrooms: 2,  Furnished: Fully furnished,  Garage: No,  Swimming pool: No,  Garden: No ,  Lounges: 1,  Independent dining room: No ,  Furnished kitchen: Furnished with appliances,  Kitchen type: American,  WCs: 1,  Location: City center,  Views: Street,  Ceiling height: High,  Walls: Flat,  Floors: Clay,  Type of windows: Aluminum,  Storage room: No,  Basement: No,  Type hot water: Butane,  No. of floors: 2,  Lift: No,  Condition: Good,  Availability: Unoccupied,  Equipment: Refrigerator, Washer, Microwave, Water, Light, Gas burner, Bathtub, Shower plate,  Rental bond: 600€,  Handicapped access: No.


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