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Ranch for sale in Pilas, Aljarafe, Sevilla.
Sale of farm of 3,500 m2 of land in Pilas, with a wooden construction of 100 m2 built on 2 floors and electric light of private meter. The entrance to the farm with a lot of rustic character; Separate along a main corridor the farm to one side and the other in its beginning; On the left side everything of diverse grove; On the right side, several kinds of groves and a seating area, with a large sofa built of work and a front table; The photo of the well, really not a well,it is decorative, the well is located elsewhere in the farm; Behind the brick sofa are 2 holes as doghouses; A small corner established for the barbecue; In this right part of the plot of the farm is the house, as you can see that it is made of wood in its entirety; Along the route of the farm, there is an outdoor pool with dimensions of 8 X 3, with the scrubber installed in the nearby construction that can be seen in the photographs; At the end of the plot of the farm is the well with a pump, vegetable garden, a chicken coop, a nave and various corraletas for animals; Inside the ship there are 2 boxes; The house is 2 floors. On the ground floor, you can see 2 entrance doors, one at the front where the barbecue is located, and the other at the back where the porch overlooking the pool is located; On this ground floor of the house, is located the living room with open fireplace; 1 fío-heat splits; The windows are made of brown aluminum carpentry, with double glazing; Stoneware flooring; Wooden beams on the ceiling; A small kitchen with a bar separating this from the living area, with refrigerator, 2-burner gas stove and microwave; 1 bathroom without bidet, and with shower plate, is exterior; Accessing the second floor by wooden stairs and opening with rampilla, there is a completely diaphanous space, where the attic is located, easily to be able to separate and make 2 rooms since it has 2 windows, where to breathe each of them; Chicken coop;

Pilas, Aljarafe, Sevilla

Ranch for sale
size100m² bedroom/s2 baths1 garage plot size3.500m² garden swimming pool
90.000€ 95.000€ (£ 81.081 app.) (25,71€/m²)
Ranch for sale in Comarca Del Condado, Niebla, Huelva.
Sale of farm of 1 Ha. with housing completely legalized in Niebla. 8.5kms from Niebla on the road towards Valverde del Camino. Then you take 1,300 m dirt lane. Housing: 84 m2; Storage room: 11 m2; Garage: 20 m2; Sports area: 24 m2. A very nice place, variety of trees and ornamental plants, fruit trees and some olive trees in production. Front area of the house with lawn and decorative parterres. On one side of the house is the pool, placed on a slope so that the perspective in the bathroom is by looking at the mountains. 5 solar panels. 1 storage room of 11m2. Here's a solar panel for the pool scrubber. 1 well. Gas thermos. A roofed garage type of 16 m2 with capacity for as much as 2 cars. It can be built and put as an annex to the house and thus have more m2 in the house. Deposit high, so that with the help of gravity water arrives in the house. Throughout the farm, you can see in the photos that it is a great and rewarding walk overlooking the whole field, it should be noted that the terrain has a certain inclination. Access to the house is via disabled ramp or 3-step staircase. The front of the house, with a porch of 24 m, awnings at the front. Accessing the house, by iron door, is direct to a diaphanous space, where you will find the living room and the American type kitchen open to the living room. The kitchen with gas stove, 2 mud breasts, refrigerator and hood. Thankful views of the countryside and pool. The ceilings are sloping and very high. The living room with open fireplace. From this space, we head to a distribution door to the right and left, where both double bedrooms are located CHARACTERISTICS: Silver aluminum carpentry; A single lama of glass; Bars and blinds. Stoneware flooring with decorative rosette. Sunlight, (solar panels), with a lot of power. REAL ESTATE INTERMEDIATION FEES, NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE PURCHASE PRICE

Comarca Del Condado, Niebla, Huelva

Ranch for sale
size90m² bedroom/s2 baths1 garage4 plot size1Ha garden swimming pool
105.000€ 115.000€ (£ 94.594 app.) (105.000€/Ha)
Ranch for sale in Paraje San Cayetano, Bonares, Huelva.
Sale of farm in Bonares with housing of 100m2 built, and plot of 6.000m2, forestry, does not pass any nearby rivers. Electric light, 3 natural wells, with capacity 12,000 liters/meter deep. The plot has a pine forest forming forest in gallery, and about 1,000 square meters of fruit trees (oranges, mandarin, avocados, guava, plums, lemon trees, peaches, quinces, pears, apple tree, madroño, holm oaks, fig trees, almond trees, apricots, parras, banana trees, one of them from the convent of Santa Catalina de Moguer, where Christopher Columbus, hail, laurel and holm oaks, of various types), most in production, as well as several centuries-old olive trees. Perimeter closed with construction enclosure and metal mesh of 3 meters high. Main house of 100 square meters, with large living room with fireplace, four bedrooms, one with two beds, one double with built-in wardrobe of two heights, a large one with two bunk beds of three beds each, and two beds, wardrobe of two floors, and one double, hallway with refrigerator and freezer chest, bathroom with sink, toilet, bathtub, and wardrobe, and kitchen with two microwaves, electric iron, gas stove of three fires, gas thermos, and professional bottle, has two accesses. Car parking, swimming pool of 42 square meters, with shed for scrubber, possibility of enlarging the pool. At the back it has an alpende-shaped structure, for meals and events, equipped with a wood-burning barbecue, and kitchen pots. From this space you access the nave de aperos, where you will find the manual farm farm elements, tables and chairs used for events. There is also a filter well that collects wastewater. On the right side of the nave, independent by door, is a warehouse for two-storey utensils and hand tools, and at the back of it, there is an animal watering hole, and a door that gives access to the stained-glass, former block of animals. All buildings are electrified. It is sold fully furnished. The farm has deed, and first occupancy license. It's all in order. There are two very good picaderos nearby, one in Bonares and one in Niebla. REAL ESTATE INTERMEDIATION FEES NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.

Paraje San Cayetano, Bonares, Huelva

Ranch for sale
size100m² bedroom/s4 baths1 garage plot size6.000m² garden swimming pool
115.000€ 118.000€ (£ 103.603 app.) (19,16€/m²)
Ranch for sale in Aznalcazar, Aljarafe, Sevilla.
Sale of farm of 3ha located in the Pinares de Aznalcázar, with a construction of 293 m2. Completely fenced, between decorative round trunks and wire. Other areas with a captus wall. The entrance to the house of gravel. Land between olive trees and plenty of land to sow alfalfa or any crop you want. The entrance to the house with decorative parterres, with drip irrigation. The house is distributed over 2 floors, with 293 m2 built GROUND FLOOR: 243 m2 built, which are distributed as follows: In a diaphanous space, there is the kitchen with vaulted ceilings, furnished with appliances such as: Oven, ceramic hob, hood, microwave, refrigerator and chest freezer. From the kitchen you can see the pool. Then a large living room, with open fireplace; 1 splits hot and cold. From the living room, you access the back porch, through 2 floor-to-ceiling windows, where the pool is located. This one with Roman stairs; Porch with wooden beams, for summer; Covered porch with vaulted ceilings and cooked clay floor, for winter; A wooden path that helps to navigate this natural space. Under this porch, in its continuation,is the room of the scrubber and laundry, where you can then tend along the side of the house. In the living room you can see 4 doors, which have access to: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and garage. They are distributed as follows: 1 bedroom with interior bathroom, exterior, with corner shower plate (no bidet) 1 full bathroom, with non-slip floor for shower, exterior. 1 bedroom, with possibility of annex room type dressing room, or just close it and make another bedroom. The last door accesses a space for laundry, storage room, dressing room and a large garage From the living room, and through spiral staircases, you access the second floor. SECOND FLOOR: 50 m2 built, which are distributed as follows: Diaphanous space, in which it is located, the suite, room, the mini kitchen, unfinished although it has all the sockets and 1 bathroom with non-slip floor for shower. Panoramic views of the countryside; Access to a large terrace, which takes the entire surface of the house. Ideal this floor because it has an external communication to the house. Well Features: Hydraulic floors Vaulted ceiling in kitchen White aluminum metal carpentry, grilles REAL ESTATE INTERMEDIATION FEES, NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE SALE PURCHASE In the very immediate future there will be an 18-hole golf course increase and a luxury hotel.

Aznalcazar, Aljarafe, Sevilla

Ranch for sale
size293m² bedroom/s4 baths3 garage2 plot size3Ha garden swimming pool
525.000€ 550.000€ (£ 472.972 app.) (175.000€/Ha)
Ranch for sale in Andújar, Jaén.
Estate sale of 3 has House/hotel with 3 homes in Andújar. 300 olive trees and scrubland, scrub and pine forest. It is just 50 m from the road and the road from this until the cover is asphalt. There are roads of access and transfer Interior in perfect condition, some paved with tile cement and gravel or asphalt. It also has a square in the Centre of the buildings. Sanitation is private cesspool. The electricity is supplied through a transformer owned by the estate. There is a contracted phone line. Traversed by a Brook, the complex has two wells that provide water for human consumption throughout the year. Contracted phone line. There are the following constructions, in four separate buildings: Building 1: House with 4 floors above ground. Overbuilt is 786 m2. plant baja-semisotano, a garage, a cellar and a Woodshed and boiler room. On the ground floor there is a lounge, main room, one bedroom, two bathrooms, Distributor, utility room, dining room, kitchen, pantry, patio, pantry with cold and cuartillo-almacen. On the first floor there are ten bedrooms, five bathrooms bathroom, a dressing room and a Distributor. On the second floor there is a Distributor, a large living room, bathroom, two bedrooms and a terrace, as well as deposits in the Tower room. The floors are marble, ceramic and clay of good quality in all the rooms, except in the garage, cellar and Woodshed, Building 2: Has 1 floor above ground, with interior courtyard and garage, and a total of 209 m2. Its main access is through a porch. It is distributed in a living room, hallway lounge with fireplace, four bedrooms, three quarters of bathroom, a storage room and a kitchen. Building 3: House situated on a small hillock with 1 plant above ground, with a pen in the rear and 82 m2. It has its main access through one of the facades which is accessed by stairs climbing from a road inside the property. It has a salon-recibidor with a fireplace, a living room, two bedrooms, bathroom and a kitchen, Building 4: Small house of 48 m2. It is situated next to the 2 building, with a floor above ground. It is distributed in a room living with fireplace, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. Floors are ceramic and clay rooms. Exterior: pool is rectangular in shape with an area of 50 m2. Its conservation status is good and is in use. There is room of sewage treatment plant. Interior roads connect the estate with the main road, as well as own constructions. The clumsiest of the buildings are paved and landscaped areas and porches or terraces plants access to each one of the houses. The condition is good. The surface estimated for these uses is about 600 m2... The main gate and the entrance area have a fence of wrought iron fence at the factory of concrete blocks. ESTATE BROKERAGE FEES NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.

Andújar, Jaén

Ranch for sale
size1.000m² bedroom/s21 baths14 plot size3Ha garden swimming pool
600.000€ 650.000€ (£ 540.540 app.) (200.000€/Ha)

Mairena del Alcor, La Campiña, Sevilla

Ranch for sale
size710m² bedroom/s6 baths3 plot size4.300m² garden swimming pool
630.000€ (£ 567.567 app.) (146,51€/m²)

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